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Information About us

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dwaine (Blue) Lord. I have lived and hunted in Patten, Maine all my life, I started guiding in 1965 at the age of 18. I know the area very well. Patten is in the heart of an excellent trophy hunting area for Black Bear, White Tail Deer, Moose and Coyote.

Craig Palmer a Master Maine Guide, is our main guide at the lodge.

My "Outfitter" philosophy - I was a guide for other lodges for 25 years. During this time, I always felt there was something missing - the personal connection between the guide, outfitter and hunter. The outdoor experience, along with the learning experience, is what truly defines a successful hunt. Sure, it's nice to take big game, but the longer-lasting joy of the hunt is in the sharing of the memory of that experience with others. Also part of a successful hunt is learning things that make one a better hunter - learning to do what others cannot do. In putting my business together, I have focused on three things - 1) the hunting experience, 2) teaching/ learning, and 3) ensuring the hunter himself/herself feels primary responsibility for their hunting success. I think you'll find this a truly winning combination.

Here at Blue's Wilderness Hunts, we take a limited number of hunters. This is to insure a quality hunt to it's fullest. Because of the limited number of people, we can be more personal and attentive to your needs, after all, your success is our future success.

Hope we can arrange a hunt with you.

Thank You
Dwaine & Teresa Lord

Your Host & Hostess:
Dwaine and Teresa Lord

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